"It was the most awesome carpet cleaning we have ever had. We thought we needed new carpet and we don't. We will never use any other carpet cleaning company. You did an awesome job getting the stains out."  

Annette Watson,
Norman, OK.


"We have used not only your carpet cleaning services many times, but also the Super Maids service and Have been very happy with the service. We certainly will continue to use these services and recommend them you   to our friends. Thanks again for your help!" 

Barbara Allman,
Norman, OK.

J&J floor Care is the greatest, most trustworthy, carpet cleaner I've ever had. Joe knows all about cleaning carpets. My carpet looks marvelous. I was very thrilled with the way my carpet looked after Joe finished cleaning. I would recommend J&J to everyone. Thanks.

Leota Jo Hill,
Pauls Valley.

I was so pleased with my carpet. It was as if we had brand new carpet installed. Bend over Backward Service. Professionalism, Pride in workmanship.

Pat Wells,
Norman, OK.


"Over the top. Dedication to excellent quality. That's one of the reason's I keep calling! One time Joe showed up to do my cleaning and something unexpected came up that I had to leave. I asked Joe to lock up when he got done. The person who was with me was surprised that I would leave my house open to a stranger. I told her---that's no stranger---that's Joe.

Wendy Gallian,

"WEvery member of J&J's staff is always so friendly. Every time I call Joe with a "carpet crisis", he always knows what I can do until he is able to clean the carpet again. From a water stain to permanent marker.

 Shelley McGehee - Teacher

"Carpet was well cleaned. I had stains that could not be removed by other carpet cleaners; J&J got it up! Carpet was cleaner. "Citrus scent" was refreshing, it had never been done by other cleaners.

Wanda Bishop, RN

"You removed pet stains which amazed me, because with all the carpet cleaning I have had, this had never been done before.

Carolyn Wilkerson, Retired Teacher,
Pauls Valley

"Wonderful Quality and service is superb. Able to get out stains that I have tried everything on and could not get out with my cleaner. I use to clean my carpets weekly myself with a steam cleaner between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am because I am a working mom with 3 boys. Now I let J&J Floor Care do this for me. Not only do I get 8 to 16 hours of my month back for sleep, but they do a much better job than home carpet cleaners. They have made my life easier!   

 Carolyn Williams, DVM
Pauls Valley

"Removed red gatorade stain and soil stains at back door. I thought I would have to look at them until we got new carpet! If it removed the stains I could see, there's no telling what it removed that I couldn't see! With a new baby on the way, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that my carpets are truly clean. Wonderful! We were so happy with the work. Joe was cheerful and informative.

Wendell and Betty Little

"Carpet that I am not ashamed of when someone comes in and the feeling of being able to breathe easy with fresh carpet.

Allissa Coles, Homemaker

"We had motor oil tracked in on new carpet. You truly worked on it until it was as clean as new. I thought it had been ruined. You saved us hundreds of dollars by saving our carpet.

Laura Simpson, Teacher
McKinney, TX.

"I like the way he gets to work and gets the gob done and works to get all stains out and cleans the chair really good. I'm always happy with Joe's work.

Margaret Barrett, Retired Nurse

"I think it is the greatest, trustworthy, hardworking company that made me feel great about the job they did. Friendly, and a clean carpet for my baby to crawl around on and us too!

Monica Posey

"Excellent! Steaming a couch and love seat that had been in storage 3 years ago and recently steaming living room and hall carpet. Joseph's friendly, professional attitude, and was extremely helpful and courteous. I will definitely call on your services again when the need arises.

Leah Stevens, Teacher,

"You are the best carpet cleaner we've ever had! You are courteous, friendly, punctual, (if not, you'll call them) and a damn good cleaner!

Don and Pat Wells, Realtors

"I feel like you have a really great company. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and you were very prompt getting us scheduled and did a terrific job on our carpet.

Faunda Goucher, Home Daycare

"Great! J&J has always been able to remove all stains. J&J removed red candle wax from my daughter's bedroom floor. The carpet is a light beige. I was amazed. I now have a 2 year old granddaughter that stains my carpet with chocolate milk. J&J was able to remove all stains. Most importantly, I want my grandchildren to crawl or walk on clean floors.

Gloria Mears,

"Very good work. Professional first time interview, Joe was on time and gave me an estimate which I understood, no complicated mumbo/jumbo. Trustworthy! I can schedule an appointment to have my carpet cleaned, leave the key and a check and know that it is a done deal. No muss no fuss. One less thing to worry about!

Darlene Bunn, Legal Assistant,

"The friendliness and dedication of Joseph. Stains are gone. Carpet smells clean and look good!

MGayle Ward,

"The workmen were prompt and if delayed, they called. I was very pleased with the cleaning done and the length of time the work took. I have a great deal of confidence in this company because they are about doing a good job for their customers

Rhonda Brown, Retired Teacher,

"Cleaning carpet until they were like new in a rent house that I thought was demolished. Thank you, thank you. Having someone I know and trust in my home means a lot to me!

Alyene Tomlinson,

"Very satisfied and impressed. Honest and informative. Will not use anyone else. Joe took his time - didn't rush through the job. Joe got a spot on my carpet - that had hardened from Karo syrup - soft again - something that 2 other carpet cleaners I had before couldn't do. My carpet is so soft, not sticky. I had scotchgard put on my dining room chairs after they were cleaned, my children spilled syrup and jelly and it came right off without a trace.

Angela Kirkpatrick,

"Very good! This last time I was so afraid we were going to have to replace our carpet after our renters moved out, but much to our surprise you removed the spots and badly soiled areas. Our carpet was saved and we were able to save several thousand dollars because our carpet looks as good as it did before the renter moved in.

Renee Taylor, Self-Employed,

"We have an almond colored kitchen carpet. It never ceases to amaze me how clean our carpet looks when Joe is through cleaning our carpet. clean and wonderful fresh smelling carpets.

Jerry and Deanne Niece, Body shop Owner,

"Honest, hard-working, efficient, concerned with pleasing the customer and polite. Joe went above and beyond the call of duty by cleaning another hard to reach area in a different room and did not even charge me extra for it! Also, there was no pressure involved in choosing the package best for me. I especially liked the truck mounted unit - seemed more professional. Also, the carpet was not saturated feeling afterwards.

Nancy Pracht,

"The Best! You can work a miracle on "Red Spots"! The fact that when I see my kids on the floor I know that it's as clean as it can be since you recently cleaned it. After my carpet has been cleaned the whole house feels clean, the air in the house is fresh and crisp.

Alissa Coles,

"I can't believe it! Spots came out that had been there for years. With 3 boys every imaginable spill had soiled my white carpet. Kool Aid, coke, red wine, dirt, milk, vomit, etc; they all came out and my carpet is soft again, like new. I'm happy that you did everything - from moving the furniture to blow drying to putting furniture on squares or blocks. Most of all - all the spots came out. Joe explained about how to and not to clean carpet and explaining everything before it was done.

Carolyn Williams, Veterinarian,
Pauls Valley