J&J Floor Care pre-holiday carpet cleaning in norman, Ok

J&J Floor Care pre-holiday carpet cleaning in norman, Ok

Joseph Chambers, Owner

J&J Floor Care in Norman, Ok would like to address the pre-holiday carpet cleaning extravaganza. For the last 27 years I have noticed many people wait until the last minute to schedule their cleaning and miss out on having their carpets, tile, or upholstery looking their best. Since the holidays bring out of town guests, it happens to be a very busy time for us. Especially since I am personally performing all cleaning  jobs at this time. In Norman, Ok and Lindsay, Ok areas as well, my clients know that I take cleaning seriously and that they will get the most thorough cleaning ever. I understand that when you have guests over you do not want to be embarrassed by dirty floors and upholstery. You want your guests to enjoy their time and make good long lasting memories. I wish I could clean for everyone in Norman, Ok at the last minute so they could have the freshest home in town, however, I have discovered I can only be at one place at a time personally. If you miss out you will have some options; call a large company and they can send one of their not busy technicians out and who knows what you will get. Or, you could rent a machine and attempt cleaning it yourself, that could be fun at the last minute. Please plan ahead by requesting your appointment now. In order to maximize the time I have and to perform as many cleanings as possible before Thanksgiving.  I am asking my clients and new clients to request appointments by using our company APP. Requesting an appointment on the APP is fast, easy, fun, and it saves time. Or go online at www.jjfloorcare.net to make your appointment request now.

Below are links to our company APP. Please download today and share with your friends and request your appointment today.

iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/j-j-floor-care-inc/id1237806860?ls=1&mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_floorcare.layout

HTML5: http://login.bfacmobile.com/mobile/?appcode=floorcare