You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK


Your carpeting is very lovely. You bought and had it installed for many reasons. One of them is the beauty and warmth they provide to your home. Another is the softness they offer to kids playing on the floor. Your Yoga exercising may happen here as well. You want this flooring to be as warm, as comfortable and as healthy as possible and that is why you vacuum on a fairly regular basis. Your vacuuming does not get all of the contaminants that can get embedded into it out and you probably know that. Your own efforts at carpet cleaning is well-intentioned and does perform a valuable service. The problem is that it simply does not get deep enough for all of the very nasty contaminants that come into your house, daily.


The germs, allergens, pollen, bacteria and molds will simply not get drawn out with a vacuum without something else happening, first. There are a couple of processes that can be used to accomplish this and we will look at them, briefly. The most popular method of carpet cleaning is called water extraction. In some cases, it is high volume water extraction. The water/cleaning solution is forced deep into the pile and brushes agitate the fiber to dislodge the spoils from them. The solution then suspends these soils so that a powerful vacuum, at the back of the machine can pick it up for disposal.


Another method is the dry chemical process. This is normally used on the expensive woolen carpets that do not tolerate a lot of water. Ultra-low moisture beads are broadcast over the carpet to be cleaned. They will bond themselves to the spoils, killing any organic organisms and refreshing the pile while they are there. J&J Floor Care is the most thorough Professional Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK, or it’s free.