Rug cleaning in Norman, OKlahoma

When you have wool rugs you should have them cleaned in Norman, Oklahoma by the professionals at J&J Floor Care, Inc. Rug owners should know that these pieces of art are actually more complex than most people realize. The wool fibers are masters at hiding sand. Did you know that a wool rug can hold up to 8 lbs. of sand per square yard and still appear clean? Also, did you know that wool also locks the sand in so that a conventional vacuum cleaner will not remove the soil and sand? This is why it is important to flip the rug upside down once in a while and vacuum the back side. This will help to vibrate the soil and sand out. Did you know that wool fibers can hold 30 percent moisture and still feel dry to the touch? This is why you should never let a carpet cleaning company clean your rugs in your home. If the fibers dry too slow you can have problems with mildew or mold and even rot to the fibers. In Norman,Oklahoma J&J Floor Care is able to pick up, clean, and dry your precious natural fiber rugs and bring them back to you when they are finished if you live in Norman,Oklahoma or nearby surrounding areas. You can have your complex finely crafted pieces of art cleaned, dried, and restored to their healthy vibrant beauty. It is best to have your rugs cleaned on a regular basis. In most cases I would recommend once every 2 to 3 years.Thank you for reading and please like and share this article with your family and friends.


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