Rug Beating in Norman, Oklahoma

It is amazing how much of a beating wool rugs can take in Norman, Oklahoma. Your precious expensive works of art get walked on, stomped on, and run over by a truck. Your rugs are screaming for a good cleaning and a day at the spa and they deserve it. Wool rugs can take a ton of abuse and still look beautiful, in fact they can hold 8 pounds of sand per square yard and still appear clean. Many higher end higher quality wool rugs can actually go up in value! Perhaps it's the abuse they take that gives them character. That adds to the prestige and value. Wool rugs can last for many years with the proper care. It is important to have your investment dusted periodically. The photo up above gives an illustration of how rugs were beaten in what some call the good ole days. Most people in Norman, Oklahoma would question what is good about those ole days. As crazy as it may seem, it is a very effective way to remove dust and sand from the wool fibers, even more effective than running a vacuum over it. The reason is, wool rugs have the ability to lock in soil that a vacuum just simply can't beat out. I guess you could say your rugs take beatings and they like it. You could also say that beating your rugs with this device is a great workout and maybe a weight loss program. However, rug owners in Norman,Oklahoma are smart and know it makes more sense to call the professionals at J&J Floor Care in Norman,Oklahoma. Please call 405-310-9874 to request an appointment for a full rug service pickup, clean, and return.