Professional Carpet Cleaning in Norman, OK


Your carpet is an important part of the house. When it is clean, the house looks clean. When it is dirty, the house looks dirty. Our company is here to help you maintain a clean house. Here are some of the services offered by J&J Floor Care. The main thing to consider is whether they offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. Our company can handle any carpet cleaning issues. This also means we have the necessary equipment to do a good job. We also are able to provide upholstery cleaning at your request.


There are various cleaning methods when it comes to carpets and rugs. However, not all methods can be used to clean every carpet. For example, there are rugs which can only be hand-washed because they are delicate. Others, which are made of tougher fabric can cleaned using machines. J&J Floor Care uses cleaning technologies that are environment-friendly and preserves your carpets and rugs. Some of these methods include steam cleaning, spot cleaning using environment-friendly detergents and vacuum cleaning.


Most cleaning companies will wash your rugs and carpets, dry them and deliver them to you at home. However, where you are in doubt, it is advisable that you confirm with them before you hire their services. Our Carpet Cleaning in Norman, OK is not hard to find. When you choose our company you will get the most thorough cleaning ever or it is free. Contact J&J Floor Care when you are ready for the best cleaning you have ever had. Call or Text 405-310-9874