Oriental Rug Cleaning in Norman, OK.

Many consumers have oriental rugs in their homes and they are usually placed where they will be seen and enjoyed by the family as well as guests who visit the home. Like all rugs, oriental rugs also need to be cleaned from time to time. They get dirty from people and pets walking on them. Occasionally they also have spills that although quickly sponged up, tend to show the stains for many months until they are properly cleaned.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Norman, OK. by J & J Floorcare is completed carefully and expertly. Our technicians are experienced with removing all kinds of stains from oriental rugs of all kinds. If you are concerned about cleaning your rug, please feel free to discuss with our technicians the process they will use to clean your oriental rug. They will need to know what kind of fibers the rug is made from, the dies used in the coloring process and of course the origin of the food stains. Once they have all this information an appropriate cleaning process can be applied.

While our technicians are in your home cleaning your oriental rug, why not have them clean all your carpets as well? Call us today to arrange an appointment and to provide a quotation for your oriental rug cleaning as well as cleaning all your carpets in your home. If there are high traffic areas that show a little more wear, let us know and we will make sure to focus on these areas to bring them back to their original colors as much as we can.

Food stains should be cleaned immediately regardless of the type of carpet or oriental rug you have. Make arrangements for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Norman, OK. as soon as you can after the spill occurs to minimize the potential long-term damage they can cause. Call us today for an appointment.