Odor removal in Norman, Oklahoma can help you sell.

It can be very difficult to sell a property in Norman, Oklahoma when there is a foul odor. Sometimes we do become nose blind of our own odors and many of us would become offended if a potential buyer looking at a property that we really need to sell would give us their honest opinion. Here in Norman, Oklahoma I have witnessed this situation many times over. The most unfortunate and most common situation that we at J&J Floor Care, Inc., in Norman Oklahoma run into is the seller may have had their carpets and hard surfaces cleaned by the Splash and Dash Cleaning company's that are in and out like a flash of lighting. Sure, they may make the surfaces in the property appear a little cleaner, however, if the cleaning technician doesn't understand the odor compound that needs to be eliminated, they will and do fail. Odors can be very complex and it takes a scientific approach and sometimes a combination of techniques. Many times we have been referred to property owners who are at their wits end and have tried everything they could find including using several (professional cleaners) to find they still have odor issues. If you are in Norman, Oklahoma or near by surrounding areas and have odor issues regardless if you are living in the property, trying to sell or wishing to buy. Do yourself a huge favor and call the company that has the knack for getting the odor out. There is no cost in Norman, Oklahoma for us to come to your property and assess the issue. www.jjfloorcare.net  call or text 405-310-9874