Carpet is allergy sufferers friend in Norman, Oklahoma. Carpet is a very good filter and it catches more than just dirt and stains. It catches things you cannot see like pollen, pet dander, cooking gasses, etc. So allergy sufferers in Norman, Oklahoma may be tempted during a horrible allergy season to remove their filtering friend assuming that it is making them allergic. Many years ago studies were done and found that when folks vacuumed their carpet it would stir up what was trapped in it and it would go in the air and yes this would cause an allergic attack. So, they got smarter and now most if not all vacuum cleaners these days have special filters and bags to catch the pollen and gasses. This seems to have helped tremendously. Also, it is important to have your carpets thoroughly washed. J&J Floor Care, Inc., recommends allergy sufferers to get on a cleaning schedule to have their carpets cleaned at least every six months. Many allergy sufferers who have removed their carpets in Norman, Oklahoma have discovered that their allergies intensified and some even claim they believe by 600 percent. So, if you do have carpet and you suffer with allergies in Norman, Oklahoma you should do yourself a favor and text, email, call, or download the J&J Floor Care APP and request an appointment in Norman, Oklahoma for a Free Consultation and pro active cleaning plan. You can also learn more on the website at