Best Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK



Whether your carpets are new and you want to keep them looking that way, or you have had your carpets for years and you want to keep them looking nice for as long as possible, the carpet cleaning method that you select makes a big difference. What are your carpet cleaning options? Consider the following information: Standard home use vacuum cleaners, store purchased spot stain removers and carpet deodorizers are suitable for everyday routine maintenance, but they fall short of providing your carpets with the thorough, deep cleaning that they need.


Steam carpet cleaning machines can be rented at the local store, but these machines lack the strength to loosen and lift deeply embedded dirt from carpet fibers. In addition, they often leave the carpet very damp because they lack the suction capacity to lift all of the water used in the cleaning process out of the carpet.


The third and best option is professional carpet cleaning. Why is this your best choice? Professional Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK utilizes powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment that treats carpets with hot water extraction to loosen and remove all carpet dirt. The high suction capacity cleaning machine then lifts all excess water out of the carpet, leaving it brilliantly clean and dirt-free. Professional carpet cleaning also involves the use of powerful, carpet-safe cleaning fluids to remove all stains, even those tough and seemingly impossible to remove stains caused by grape juice, wine, oil-based salad dressings, blood, or pet urine. Clearly having your carpets cleaned professionally is the preferred method of choice for maintaining their original pristine beauty. And there is still another big advantage to professional carpet cleaning: the experience of our trained and expert staff who are waiting to serve you. Contact us today and discover the professional difference!