Best Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK


There is absolutely nothing wrong with your vacuuming your carpets, at least, once a week, with is actually the average, across the country. No, that should continue to happen because that removes visible contamination and gives the carpet a nice look after you finish a vacuum session. Handling the carpet cleaning in this way is something that makes your home look and smell a lot better, but, on occasion, contacting professional Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK, such as ours is crucial on a regular basis. The normal vacuuming will remove the dust and dirt that is on top of the carpet pile. The dust, dirt, germs, bacteria and allergens that come into your home every day is deep down inside most of the time.


The problem with that is that, whenever you walk across the carpet, or the kids play there, the hidden contamination can dislodge and come out. This material will often get into the air stream and float into other rooms, thus bringing dangerous elements into them as well as where they had been. Removing this can only be done by technicians who do this every day, like our personnel. We arrive with all of the state of the art equipment that is designed to get at all of the contamination and remove it. In most cases, this is accomplished with a water extraction system. This machine will force a solution of water/cleanser/deodorizers deep into the pile. The agitation that is necessary to dislodge the contamination is supplied by the brushes on the bottom of the machine.


You see, Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK is more than just vacuuming, as much as that does help in day to day maintenance. It is, after all, the first process we use when we are cleaning your carpets. This removes those soils on the top of the carpet and clear the way to getting deeper. That is where we need to get to make your carpet clean, safe and healthy and it is this that we do every day