Best Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK



The best method of Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK, is to use hot water extraction method which is also known as steam cleaning. This method is mostly recommended by all manufacturers and carpet producers because they provide the best results as it removes dirt and stains completely without damaging your carpet. While steam cleaning is described as a deep cleaning method, the other methods are said to be maintenance methods because they are mostly focused on maintaining the look and appearance of your carpet. This method is very effective because it removes soil and other dirt from within your carpet without leaving any traces of cleaning products whatsoever.


The following are some of the benefits of using this method. It involves a lot of flushing which offers better results because less residue is left after the cleaning process. The systems are self-contained and hence they are environmental friendly because the dirty water is not emptied into toilets or sinks. This makes the method very effective in its waste disposal. Steam cleaning is a very powerful process which uses huge airflow to allow the operator use a lot of water during cleaning without over wetting the carpet. When this method is incorporated with scrubbing, it offers spectacular results because it is capable cleaning the base of fibers if cleaning is conducted properly.


This method uses steam in cleaning your carpet. Therefore, it reaches very high temperatures which could kill disease causing micro-organisms found in your carpet. The high temperatures reduce the number of living organisms which could be thriving in your carpet flooring. Steam cleaning method is undoubtedly the best method to use in cleaning your carpet if you need long term results. Also, this method can be used on different types of carpet flooring and it will still provide phenomenal results which could not be achieved by any other carpet cleaning method. If you want the best Carpet Cleaning in Norman OK that you have ever had, call J&J Floorcare today!