Affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Norman OK



If you sit and think about it your furniture is absolutely disgusting! If you haven't had your furniture upholstered or cleaned in a long time can you imagine all the germs that are present within and on your furniture? Any fabric from your furniture can pull in all of your oils from your skin and also catches every hair and oil left behind by your lovely fur companions! You don't have to have your furniture cleaned every week however, if you sit in your couch everyday for example, you are going to want to have Upholstery Cleaning in Norman OK at least a few times a year.


Furniture upholstery is very fragile. Colors can change and fade so easy if you aren't using the right products to clean your furniture to clean it. Usually, it is best to just hire a professional to come into your house for Upholstery Cleaning in Norman OK. Usually if you call a professional they will either steam clean your furniture or they use some kind of dry cleaning item. You really won't know how much you have to pay out of pocket until you speak with them it all boils down to how big the furniture is you need to have upholstered and cleaned, what material it is composed of and what condition your furniture may be in.


All different types of furniture is priced differently. J&J Floor Care can provide you with affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Norman OK on whichever piece you need. Call us anytime you need your furniture cleaned.